blu sky radio launches a new format radio station on the 7th July 2018.

blu sky radio launches a new format radio station on the 7th July 2018.


blu sky will play the best of the best music including Indie Artist music - from New Zealand , America, UK and around the globe


blu sky will also aim to showcase great New Zealand music across a range of genres.


blu sky radio has been created by a group of Kiwis who have a passion for Indie Artists and New Zealand music as can be see from their work in the industry in New Zealand.


The blu sky team are:

Dionne Bidois Dionne runs The Dionne Show - a Facebook Music show celebrating the talents of people across the world including international Indie and New Zealand Artits in the Kiwi Car-e-oke format. Due to the runaway success of her show it has also commenced on Face TV on SKY channel 83 this week every Thursday night at 8:30pm.


Tony T Tony T is a well known Kiwi muso hailing from Ardijah, Dfaction and Empty Roomz experience - he's excited at the opportunites blu sky will open up for Kiwi musos - to Tony its dissappointing that there are just to many talented people not being heard in New Zealand and around the globe - he hopes that blusky change this forever!


Maryanne Maryanne Antonovich-Mataio has worked alonside Tony T as a lead vocalist , keyboardist and percussionist for many years - Maryanne loves this opportunity to showcase the many talents she has personally met and worked with when performing and looks for ward to meeting and promoting many more New Zealand Artits to the world.


Laurie Stanbridge Laurie Stanbridge is the founder of The NZ Music Show, one of New Zealands leading podcasters - his podcasts far exceed the average measure of success in the world and Laurie ceaslessly promotes Kiwi and Indie Artists - having his own radio station has been a dream for many years , he loves great music, Indie and Kiwi music and wants to ensure it is heard and exposed around the globe.


mPHATic mPHATic has produced, engineered and recorded a wide range of Kiwi Indie artists, releasing quality music through the Milky Way Radio Label successfully, using digital distribution and social media marketing campaigns. He has a number of chart listings in his discography and also regularly produces and releases songs with NZ Indie Artists that hit the top rankings in the iTunes and Google play and New Zealand Music charts.


The blu sky difference: So whats the difference with blu sky radio?...well everyone on the team loves music and wants Indie and Kiwi music to succeed around the globe..we think they have the right formula...check out the station and judge for yourselves..


Created by a group of Kiwis who want to see Indie global and Indie New Zealand music prosper in New Zealand and around the world - the station runs 24/7 and has a range of different shows that highlight Indie and Kiwi music 24/7.


Playing an eclectic range of music blu sky is proud to get Indie and Kiwi music heard - so much so that they have a show called "Indie Garage" which plays Indie music from the garage - thats right! - rough and ready garage recordings from aspiring bands can now be heard on the station, providing an avenue for Kiwi talent to be heard in its formative stages - apparently thats how Nirvana were discovered!!


Blu sky has teamed up with "Crank it Up Magazine in America to provide a "bridge to America" through this well established online Indie Magazine. John Reign the director of Crank It Up and also the director of Polestar Productions a movie company that makes independent films for Amazon Prime and other distributors is excited about the new connection.


"We're excited to be working with people like blu sky who have the energy and the direction and chutzpa to get music more widely heard - we'll be working with them to bring great Indie Artists to New Zealand and the well as reverse marketing Kiwi artists to America on the Crank It Up platform, a place where you will be able to sell your music and make more money than through any other distribution service like the currentl online stores and streaming services..


We know Laurie Stanbridge, mPHATic, Dionne Bidois, Maryanne and Tony T will bring an exciting new station to the world and we want to partner with them to showcase Indie music from the world to the world.


We will link American Indie musicians to the station and also link Kiwi Indie musicians to Crank iT Up Magazine - we believe there may be other opportunites we can link to as we build a solid group to promote Indies Artist from around America, New Zealand, Canada and the world to the people fo the world. This will be fresh exciting new music - not music regulated by people sitiing in ivory towers trying to control what the world listens to - this will be ground breaking music...fresh and exciting and different...


You might be asking - yeah but will they play my music - and the answer is a resounding YES! Laurie Stanbridge runs the Library at blu sky and you can email tracks to him by following the intructions on the blusky facebook page. Tracks must be well recorded and produced to be played but there is a real desire to showcase kiwi music to the world. Tracks that are not well produced will be played on the Indie Garage everyone has a chance to be heard...


Go Blu sky!! its about time we had a station like your to promote Indie music around the globe!!!

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