crankit-up prioritizes the needs of  all artist and all campaigns. We strive to help you find your creative voice through a variety of Platforms that our corporate sponsors help provide for you. We are a culture of thinkers and doers who have been bringing our artists music into the spotlight since 2014. We work with every artist to create solid strategies that will produce measurable exposure results.


At crankit-up, we want our artists music to be a huge success, with their songs, films and more , that are show cased in a way audiences will remember forever. We have tailored our site to give each artist... no matter what their musical genre or performance experience, we give them the same one-on-one exsposure. Check out what we’ve got to offer youand then  contact us for more information.

And...it never cost you the performer anything! all this is paid for on a corporate level so you can focus on what you do best...be creative!



YES...WE HAVE NO CONTRACTS. When you become part of CRANKIT-Up  your still free to sell and promote your items on other sites and still free to select other offers! WE ARE JUST A PLATFORM TO SHOWCASE YOU! YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF ALL YOUR OWN REVENUES!


Am I Still An Independant Artist ?

YES! Even though You are being represented and promoted by CRANKIT-UP, ...you are still very free to promote yourself in any other way you choose! 


Whats The Advantage Of  Being Accepted By CRANKIT-Up ?

CRANKIT-Up is trying to revolutionize the way media is being presented. It seems That only the BIG GUYS control the major playing fields. So the only alternative to indie artist is limited. Usually having to pay, to get their work seen or noticed. Its frustrating because they get lost in the shuffle. They are Cast out in the same ocean with thousands of other new indie artist and major stars on the same venue. 


CRANKIT-Up wants to create an avenue for the indie artist to be recognized. You...if Selected...are placed in with a SELECT group of artist. A place where our CRANKIT-Up audience comes looking for NEW and TALENTED ARTIST that are worth being seen.  


Also CRANKIT-Up is connecting our artist to viable AIR time on both radio and TV! In both the U.S. And foreign markets. CRANKIT-Up is the first viable stepping stone for you the artist to get discovered and promoted! WE WANT TO HELP MAKE YOU FAMOUS AND SUCCESSFUL!


What Is The Percentage I Receive From CrankIt-Up ?

 You have your own selling site that we link from our site to yours...that way there is no contract and we direct everyone to you! WE TAKE NO PERCENTAGES!


What Am I To Supply?

You the artist supply your work. Artwork, Cover Art, Songs, and take responsibility for your copyrighted works. All this is explained in our info letter.

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