Lorraine (Lorrie) Marie Bacon was born in Massachusetts on April 2, 1974, but relocated to California in 1976. She grew up on the central coast in the city Santa Maria.


From the day she was born, Lorrie knew she wanted to be an actress performing on stage and in the movies. She started her passion at 9 years old, was in her first play in a small role, but loved every minute of the excitement, energy, satisfaction and happiness it bestowed on her. And so it began, the acting bug bit (hard), and she then became the actress she always wanted to be.


At 16, her family made a move up north to a very small California town, Eureka. Little did Lorrie know that this move was the beginning for her acting career. This was a lonely time for her. She was living in a strange town amongst strangers, she felt the need to find a place to fit in and somewhere to belong. Naturally, she signed up for a drama class, joined the Drama Club and joined the choir. She began auditioning and getting cast in musicals and comedies and then her first drama, "The Grapes of Wrath" as Rose of Sharon.


After graduating from high school, she began performing in several community theatres. She continued doing as much theatre as possible, building a great resume. She ventured away from musical theatre and began focusing on straight plays and comedies. She also joined an improvisation group called R.A.T.S. (Redwood Area Theatre Sports). Later she worked with a local theatre company that solely performed new work plays, called World Premier Theatre/Plays in Progress (PIP).  This is where Lorrie learned the most about herself, her craft and really honed her skills.


Through her experiences at PIP, she became even more of a dedicated, serious, hardworking, passionate actress. Presently, Lorrie is living back on the east coast in a western Massachusetts town called East Longmeadow. She continues to do both theatre and film, independent features, short films and five independent web series appearing on YouTube. She's also done local commercials, radio spots and music videos.

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