Laurie’s Podcasting interest with Indie Artists started in 2007 when MySpace was the main social media platform, when I started the podcast called Insomnia Radio N.Z (part of the Insomnia Radio Network) when I lived in Scotland and amazingly I got bands sending me CD’s from New Zealand and various other countries to play on my podcast. FAST FORWARD to 2017 I decided to go it on my own and start "The N.Z Music Show' to continue my love of helping bands be heard online around the world wide web. I continue to build a huge artist playlist of quality independent Music from very talented musicians/artists from ALL genres around the New Zealand and the world...


As of 28th of July 2018, I have just confirmed a very strong connection with a USA based independent artist support via John Reign from CRANKIT-UP Magazine


so from this I will feature USA Indie Artists on the Podcast too which in turn will see N.Z Indie Artists gain new interest from American bands and new listeners in USA & New Zealand Indie Music.

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