Hi Guys! I'm  Sierra  Reign, i'm a singer and song writer. I have  always loved to sing. Even since  a little baby  I would be screaming my lungs out to songs I thought I would never be able to sing. Having  always fooled around with my singing, playing songs of all different kinds until my voice managed to squeeze into the shape and sound of the tunes. I would jump from, country, to rock to folk, and to opera and pop. Jumping from so many types of music made my voice adjust to all forms of notes, giving me the vocal range that I have now. 


Don’t ever doubt yourself! “If you think you can’t do it, you’re not going to do it.” My dad always tells me this when I start to doubt... if your going to hit or sing a certain note right, you must have the attitude of “I will hit this, I can do this” to fully reach happiness in music. Finding the “soul”.. I have not always had  soul emotion in my music. I almost gave in, but with my family there to help me up, I sang one day and my emotion arrived! Once you find your emotion you’ll never lose it and you can then lose yourself in music

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