A Letter From The Editor

There are so many periodicals, magazines, newsletters, blogs and Ezines out right now. Some

would suggest too many. So what makes Crankit -Up any different than the rest? What will

make it the must-read source of entertainment? Simple: content. We are proud of the fact that

we will be featuring only the best of independent film and music that is out there. Our mission is

to be cutting edge, have our ear to the ground and our fingers on the pulse of the street buzz,

while providing honest reviews and entertaining information that makes us THE source to trust

when it comes to independent and up-and-coming music and film endeavors.


Our writing and photography team members have the right balance of street-cred, experience

and hipness necessary to make the words and photos on the page and screen reach out and

grab you’re your attention and not let go. We hope you’re as excited as we are with the launch

of our inaugural edition. Read on and I’m sure you will be.


© 2017  Crankit-UP Magazine

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